6 Beginning Steps

Hey, you clicked on the link didn’t you? Or maybe you randomly came here against your own will…Mhuahaha. Either way, I am honored by your presence and I want to share with you some steps that you, yes you, can grab hold of and start using today to take back your health, and begin that change you’ve always wanted.

But even thinking about it is overwhelming. Isn’t it? What comes to mind when you think about changing your diet, about eating healthy? Giving up ice cream, eating endless salads? Spending all your money and time meal prepping for something that doesn’t even taste good? The diets that never work, the information that’s contradictory, and the health food fanatics that are annoying. 

Frustrating. Stupid. Pointless. 

And if you gently look under the surface, maybe there’s more than just annoyance or confusion. Maybe there’s fear. Maybe even shame. Telling you that you’re an adult who should already know this. That you’ll only fail if you try, like all the times before.  And the question that haunts all of us, what will people think? 

I get it. You’re not alone in those thoughts. It’s scary, it’s intimidating. Who wants to waste time and money trying to figure out what diet to follow or what cookbooks to buy. Scraping yet another tasteless dish into the garbage. Who wants to bare their souls about what they eat and their body struggles to a nutritionist whom they don’t even know; an area so very personal. Some of you, I’m sure, would rather eat rocks.

I want to encourage you. I want you to hear that it is possible to take control of your health, to not feel like you’re spiraling out of control anymore. I want to give you some tools to start somewhere simple, here and now. These are simple steps you can take hold of and run with, that actually make lasting changes. 

Here are my 3 DON’T’s and 3 DO’s for where you should start in changing your life. I provided a bit of an explanation for each so that they don’t sound too crazy, and I am happy to talk through any of these points in greater detail if anything should have questions. I know they in themselves might seem complicated, but they are proven to work. I’ve made these changes myself, and I have seen others make these changes and have had incredible results.

🔥DON’T consume added sugar. In drinks or any foods. Look under the ingredient label (not the nutrition facts) for sugar, fructose, glucose, sucrose, corn syrup, rice syrup, sweetener, anything ending in an ‘-ose’ is usually a sugar. Sugar has over 50 names that are used by marketing to hide it in our foods.Sugar spikes our blood sugar, stresses our pancreas and adrenals (and our whole nervous system), increases insulin levels, inhibits fat loss, numbs our taste buds, dampens our cognitive abilities, steals nutrients from our bodies, weakens our immune system, and offers no nutrition or benefit to our bodies whatsoever in return. Products with non caloric sweeteners should also be avoided, like Sucralose and aspartame. Xylitol and Stevia are non caloric sweeteners, but more naturally derived and while the jury is still out on these, they are definitely a better choice (STILL IN MODERATION). 

🔥DON’T eat processed or fast food anymore, especially fried. Processed and fast foods are void of nutrients needed for cellular health and cognitive function. Usually made from poor ingredients, high in sugar, high in processed salt, made with unhealthy carcinogenic vegetable oils, void of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. These empty calories encourage weight gain, are stressful to your liver, have unhealthy additives and preservatives, cause fatigue,  brain fog, disrupt digestion and gut health, and cause many other issues. It’s best to avoid them. Yes, even Chik-Fil-A would fall into this category. It’s not the Lord’s chicken, I’m sorry to say.

🔥DON’T eat tons of carbohydrates, go for low carb options. I’m talking rice, beans, bread, pasta, potatoes, crackers, chips, etc., are going to be your main culprit. Carbs break down in the body into sugar, especially when they are processed, simple carbohydrates. Instead of seeing rice on your plate, or the bread on your sandwich, just see tablespoons of sugar. That’s what it really is once broken down. Limit your consumption of these higher carbohydrate foods to a couple times a week, in smaller amounts (or heck with it, cut some of them out entirely). They will spike blood sugar and insulin levels, and cause your body to become dependent on more and more carbs and sugar by increasing cravings, so these are best eaten in extreme moderation with high amounts of healthy dietary fats (eating fat with carbs helps slow the spike in blood sugar) or not at all.

🔥DO eat more healthy fats, especially saturated fats. Our brains are made up of mostly huge amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol, many of our hormones are made from cholesterol and saturated fats, and saturated fats are the number one nutrient the heart needs. You heard me right. There has been a lot of poor information out there regarding heart health, by far the most detrimental piece is that fat is bad for you. All the research today shows the exact opposite, we need high amounts of quality fat, in particular animal fats, to thrive and have healthy cardiovascular systems. Fats make food taste better, they keep us satiated longer, they balance our blood sugar and our hormones, provide long burning fuel for energy and endurance, protect our cardiovascular system and brain health, and give us better health overall. 

🔥DO eat more sustainably raised meats, and non starchy vegetables cooked in loads of butter. Eat animals that were raised in an honoring way, providing clean, healthy protein, and amino acids that are found only in animal products that are necessary for neurotransmitter creation and brain/mood health, along with many nutrients including B vitamins also only found in animal products. Eat a variety of vegetables, and experiment to find what you like. Cook them in butter with plenty of herbs and seasonings to make them delicious. Don’t settle for canned vegetables! They are the spawn of Satan [Insert Maniacal Laughter Here] !

🔥DO spend more time preparing your food. Eat slower and more purposefully. It is a glorious thing to be able to enjoy our food. What a gift that we have tastebuds and don’t live off of gray tasteless slop. If we are able to experience all of these magnificent flavors, lets do so! The more we slow down our eating and consciously think about our food and enjoy it, the happier we are, the calmer our bodies are and the better we digest because we enter into a parasympathetic state (rest and digest), which is the only state in which our bodies can digest properly, as opposed to eating on the go while in sympathetic state (fight or flight, or really any time you are on the move).

Oh, and DON’T waste your time on salads unless they have a lot of healthy protein and fats in them. And they taste good. A gross tasting salad belongs in the trash. A grass fed steak cooked in butter is better for you than a bowl of kale ever will be. So unless you know the right combo of greens and veggies and can make a mean vinaigrette (or buy tasty store-bought dressing that has no vegetable oils and no sugar in it), I wouldn’t bother. We aren’t herbivores, we can’t fully digest plants anyway. 

And remember: We should feel good and satiated after meals, not heavy or bloated, our pulse should not be racing or feeling the need to ‘gasp’ for air. If we feel full but still want to eat, we likely did not eat enough fat in our meal to satiate. Don’t be afraid of sea salt and seasonings, they were given to us to enjoy. 
Food is a gift to be enjoyed, and we’ve lost the ability to enjoy that gift, and it has begun to control our lives. Let’s retake that control, one small step at a time towards better health, greater nourishment, and more enjoyment in life and together. 

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