Purpose & Vision

Alimentary =
Concerned with food, nutrition, or digestion.
Providing nourishment.

The Purpose – What we’re doing now

Behind Alimentary Roots is Rachel, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from Washington who now resides in Virginia. She created Alimentary Roots as a platform to teach the world about real food through inspiration and the sharing of knowledge from a biblical perspective. She believes in a foundational, holistic, God honoring approach to health, emphasizing the importance of beginning at the basics, or starting at the roots.

She also loves cooking amazing delicious food; ‘the only reason you do not like something is because you haven’t had it made correctly!’ is her motto.

She firmly believes that you need to understand how the body works and its relationship to food in order to understand how health and healing work. Like a garden, plants are only as healthy as the soil and the terrain. It is the same for our bodies. We cannot experience health if the terrain of our bodies is weak.

Her focus as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is on food education, helping you to understand how food affects your body, the value in real, properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole foods, and the importance of honoring and stewarding our bodies, the animals we raise for food, and the earth.

Here is what she says: ‘God created our bodies to function a certain way, we are not simple creatures. Bodies are uniquely and magnificently complex creations which are not even close to being fully understood. He also created everything our bodies require in order to function properly, to heal, and to thrive, and gave it to us in the gifts of creation and how we are to enjoy it; AKA food and our lifestyle. As we have departed from the wisdom God has given us in his creation and in the food and medicinal knowledge our ancestors knew instinctively that granted them near perfect health in this fallen world, we have seen perfectly correlated sky rocketing rates of disease and ailments that the world has never before seen in the history of mankind. When we study how the body works on a molecular and biological level, it is a wonder how God gave us in our food and in proper stewardship of the earth everything we need in order to thrive. Sickness and death is a part of the fall, but disease is not due to a lack of medication, but due to something entirely other. It begins with the terrain of our framework being in a state that even allows sickness to live let alone thrive and take us over. We think it is out of our control, but we have more control than we realize. The study of epigenetics shows how what we eat and how we live will  affect our children, and their children. We are born at a percentage of the health of our parents, not at 100%, which is why you see each generation sicker than the last, and at earlier ages too. I believe chronic illness can be reversed, and it all begins at the roots, at the cells with real nutrition. ‘

“I am so thankful the Lord has given us the ability to enjoy food, and that he loves us and gives us delicious food that is healing to our bodies. I want to cultivate that. what does it mean to truly seek Jesus in culinary endeavors, to bring him glory through food? Not just any food though, but food as he created us to enjoy it, that is healing to the bodies he gave us to steward.”

Now accepting long distance clients for nutritional therapy assessments. Use the ‘Contact’ form to reach out to me!

The Vision – What we see to come

We are both body and soul. And my vision is for the marriage of two therapies into one place for education, growth, and healing.

My heart is to bring people both closer to the soil and their food, and the God who created our bodies, the soil and our food.

Health and wellness for the body should be approached from a foundation of a nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole food diet rooted in ancestral traditions, and the understanding of how living food interacts with our living bodies.


Health and wellness for the soul should be approached from a foundation of knowing and loving Christ, sound biblical teaching, and knowing, understanding, and embracing the truths of who He is, who we are, what He has done, and what this means for us.

In the pursuit of biblical counseling, I desire to see one day the two integrated- sound, biblical counseling to go hand in hand with nutritional therapy for a truly holistic approach to healing and wellness. Both body and soul.

-These statements are that of the author and do not intend to diagnose, treat, or prescribe